Tanks on the eastern front

Press kit


Tanks On The Eastern Front is a arcade-tactical game. Can you win in deadly circumstances of the World War 2 on the eastern front? Or will you be a corpse in burned down tank? Players must move the tank trying to hit enemy tanks in the side or rear armour while trying not being hit or if that fails to be hit in the strongest front armour. Campaign foucuses on the bigest and most bloody batles of the Germany-Soviet Union war. Everything tank can destroy with gun or tracks can be destroyed in the game world – trees, buildings, cars.

Tanks On The Eastern Front was born of the desire to make a game that utilizes tanks in isometric view allowing player to resolve tactical problems with better God-like vision of the battlefield. As a persons intrested in ww2 gamers, we felt a lack of that kind of game. In addition threre are so few games about war on the Eastern Front where so fierce and large battles took place. We wanted to create a game that allows player to fight both arcade and tactical, yet with the lighter toon and low-poly style. Tanks On The Eastern Front is our attempt at achieving this goal. Tank driving skill and utilization of environement in battle rule the day. No random deaths - there is always a way out, for the skilled player!


Arcade-tactical game - the player can win over the enemies by utilizing environement at least untll it has not beeen destroyed!


Developer: Grippen's Castle Games Based in Warsaw, Poland

Release date: Steam: April 23, 2019. Platforms: PC Steam Website: tanksontheeasternfront.com Regular Price: USD 11.99